“10 Questions for White People in the ‪#BlackLivesMatter Movement to Ask Themselves” by Jeb Middlebrook, Showing Up for Racial Justice: Long Beach, CA

1) Am I taking responsibility for what my Whiteness represents in a Black organizing space?

2) Am I using my voice, body, resources, and skills in a way that best supports Black leadership?

3) Am I hearing, and acting on, critiques of how I am moving by Black leaders in the movement?

4) Am I working to move other White people to politically, financially, and physically support Black organizing?

5) Are there ways my White privilege can be used strategically to support Black organizing (i.e. Cop Watch, directing media to Black organizers, running interference with authority figures, infiltrating and/or shutting down White institutional spaces, organizing White people for racial justice)?

6) Is my presence in Black organizing spaces best supporting Black leadership and/or is my strategic absence helpful?

7) Am I in political conversation and strategizing with Black leadership about the best ways I and other White people can contribute?

8) Can I hear and accept when my contributions in Black organizing spaces are not wanted or needed?

9) Am I joining or creating a network of support for myself to work though contributing to Black organizing as a White person (i.e. ShowingUpForRacialJustice.org)?

10) Am I loving and forgiving of myself and others as we do our best to build this Movement for Black Lives together?